• Step 1Register on TMS 2.0 & Create Company Profile

    Company Profile is the most important part of the TMS 2.0. Here you will add the basic and yet very important information regarding your business, including company details, terms and conditions and finalize layouts of vouchers and quotations.
  • Step 2Start Creating Packages

    We suggest all our clients to start adding packages to the software from day 1 or 2. Adding 10-15 packages on the software will make you very comfortable using the software.
  • Step 3Add/Import your clients and vendors

    A software becomes more useful when you see your data in it. We have make it very simple to add your clients to the TMS 2.0. You can simply Import / Export your clients to the software. This will give you an edge while creating Quotations and Invoices.
  • Step 4Have a Look at the Social Media Flyers

    As we have already spent 3 days hustling with the software, now we suggest our clients to spend an hour and go through the Social Media Flyers for Marketing. This is the best way to promote your business on Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Step 5Start Creating Quotations and Invoices

    Start Creating Quotations and Invoices for the Clients through the TMS 2.0. Software has the most advanced features to create quotations, customize the layouts and colors.
  • Any Day!Support

    Facing any issues, feel free to create a ticket on https://travelagentsolutions.org/submit-ticket/ or call us on 9896333421 | 98124 30938